Winter Fly Fishing For Steelhead & Trout, Island Angler, Winter 2019-20, page 13

When days start getting shorter, a chill creeps into the air, and temperatures begin dropping, it’s easy to shift focus from fishing to hunkering down by the fireplace, however it’s become one of my favourite times of the year to get out and wet a line. The December through May season is a lot kinder to us Islanders than it is to other Canadians, allowing us to get out and fish through the colder months without drilling a hole in the ice. Although winter conditions can fall on the unpredictable side, for the Island angler, there are plenty of opportunities to fly fish for steelhead and resident trout in the rivers, trout and bass in the lakes, and sea-run cutthroat on the beaches.


Techniques To Target Winter Steelhead and Trout, Island Angler, Winter 2018-19, page 13

Being able to match your presentation to the conditions or find a new way to offer your fly to finicky fish can be the difference between landing the fish of a thousand casts or going home skunked. The importance of presentation is that the more accurately you are able you are to place your fly where a fish is holding, the closer you can get to reaching the strike zone. More important to catching fish than the perfect cast is how your fly performs in the water and there are at least 5 techniques every Island Angler should have in their arsenal.

Winter River Fishing for Steelhead and Trout, Island Angler Winter 2016-17, page 3

Winter fishing normally conjures up visions of snow, ice and frigid cold, however the mild, coastal climate of Vancouver Island means that pursuit of winter run steelhead and resident winter trout is not only possible, but also enjoyable. One such winter fly fishing adventure happened last February on Super Bowl Sunday. I’d agreed to drive […]